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Ultrasound & Radiography


Our x-ray machine is based at our main clinic on Purton Road. X-rays are usually carried out under an anaesthetic with a Vet and Nurse monitoring your pet throughout on our state of the art digital x-ray machine.

Using a digital x-ray machine means we are able to develop x-rays much quicker than a standard machine (seconds) and don't have to rely on chemicals to develop the x-rays. This means we are able to take a series of x-rays in quick succession. They are then shown on a computer screen where we are able to adjust the view and zoom closer on to unusual findings or specific sections to help provide a diagnosis for your pet.

With digital x-rays it means if your pet needed to be referred to a specialist Veterinary Practice the details can be emailed instantly rather than relying on sending old fasioned prints via the post.


Ultrasound is a non invasive procedure which is usually carried out while the pets is conscious but in some cases a light sedation may be required. Ultrasound can be used to diagnose and monitor heart conditions and monitor pregnancies. With abdominal ultrasound the inside of the stomach, intestines, liver, the kidneys and other abdominal organs can be visualised for an accurate diagnosis.

A small area of your pets fur will need to be clipped to allow the ultrasound gel and the small hand held probe (the same as human ultrasounds) to be placed on the skin to allow the images to be produced instantly on the screen. Currently our ultrasound machine is based at our main clinic on Purton Road where the scan's are performed.