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You brush your teeth so what about your pets?

Dental disease is something that all pets are at risk of and 80% of pets will, in later life, develop it. The good news is it is preventable through diet, chews, food and water additives and best of all good old fashioned toothbrush and toothpaste.

Plaque begins to build up on your pets teeth after each meal, if left plaque begins to firm and forms a rough hard surface known as tartar. This rough surface makes it easier for more plaque to form carrying on the cycle. Untreated this can lead to further oral problems including oral pain, infections, tooth loss and the most common symptom halitosis (bad breath).

Dental treatment

Routine dental work can be carried out at both of our clinics and treatments range from a simple descale and polish to complex extractions and root canal surgery. Pets are admitted in the morning (Monday – Friday) and are usually ready to return home later the same day.

Good daily dental care and the correct food can help delay the onset but most pets require a basic scale and polish every few years from the age of 5.

At Thameswood we are able to help maintain your pets teeth in good condition by offering value for money scale and polish procedures carried out by our trained dental hygienists.

What your pets scale & polish includes

  • An initial dental check up
  • Hospitalisation for the day
  • General anaesthetic
  • Scale & polish
  • Dentagen wax finish
  • Home dental advice
  • 6 month check
  • 10% off dental care products for 3 months
CAT £85.00 – DOG £110.00


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