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7+ and still going strong?

“Making life better for the older generations”

Our free 7+ drop-in centres are run Tuesdays & Thursdays between 3pm-4pm (no appointment necessary) and involve seeing one of our specially trained senior nurses to discuss ANY concerns or worries you may have about either your existing older pet or what to expect in the future if your pet is still a spritely 7+ .You may want to bring your pet or if you feel that they get too stressed [e.g. older cat] just come in yourself.

We have started this centre because we realise that although we provide plenty of professional support for the young pets especially pups [youth club] there is very little for the older pet especially for those first time owners who will soon realise that in their pet’s senior years as much time and effort needs to be spent caring for them as you did when they were a young pup or kitten.

Very often the care at home will determine the length of your pet’s life and a high level of home-care will certainly assure a happier life for your pet.

It is not enough for your older pet to just sleep and eat, you must be aware of underlying discomfort or pain, if he is losing his faculties or may be anxious or unhappy. We also don’t want you bring a frightened pet to us when he is frail and old, but would like him/her to get to know us gently.

So we want you to come in and chat to our professional nurses about different areas of healthcare for your pet and discuss all the things that may help you at home, they can give you practical advice and discuss treatment options, (they are not allowed to diagnose any illness).

Should they feel that you may require to see the vet within the following 6 months they will give you a discount voucher for a consultation and discount vouchers for any blood tests that are required as well as a goodie bag.

Once registered you can purchase Hills food at cost price and will be given the opportunity to see your nurse again over the next few months if you wish along with a report on all the advice that has been discussed.


  • Body condition, grooming and appearance
  • Mobility and exercise
  • Reproductive health & toilet function
  • Dental care
  • Cognitive function and behaviour


Welcome to the ARK

A unique clinic combining a team of independent professionals and our own senior surgeons and nurses working together in a practical way to help reduce pain and rehabilitate family pets and working dogs.

The ARK offers:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • K-Laser
All of which (apart from Hydrotherapy) is carried out within our three practices.

The ARK enables us to extend the level of care given to our pets beyond that provided by most veterinary practices by:

  • Having a holistic approach to treatment of arthritis, pain management, rehabilitation and sports injuries
  • Enabling us in some cases to reduce the level of medication prescribed
  • Facilitate pet owners to have a better understanding of their pets needs and be able to participate in the practical management of pets quality of life
For more information please contact your closest clinic.


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