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Swindon Vets - Vets in Swindon - Vets Near Me


“Since getting our Basset Basil we have been going to Thameswood vets and joined their pet health club plan. Since then we have added another Basset and two miniature schnauzers to our family. The staff their are always ready with a smile and a warm welcome when we go to get the dogs weighed or to collect their wormers, flea treatment or yearly injection. Being on the health plan we are notified when ever something is due and therefore do not have to worry about forgetting.

We also took our dogs to puppy parties and youth clubs which are provided for dogs under a year old which we and the puppies enjoyed.

daisy-morrisI have had to have both my Bassets treated at Thameswood and the staff are very professional and explain things in a way in which we could understand. On a happier visit we had to take our girl Daisy to them as she was in whelp but was holding onto the last few puppies. What could have been a really worrying time turned out to be a nice calm and memorable experience and that was due to the personality and skill of the staff. We are now the proud parents of ten Basset puppy’s and I am pleased to say that the staff at Thameswood vets are like second family .

Just like to say a big thank you to everyone there and cannot think of a better vets anywhere.”

“I have visited Thameswood Vets for at least 20 years and I have never known anything but kindness, sympathy and love.

Unfortunately I have had to have several animals put to sleep the last being my darling black lab Buddy, and every time I have been treated with the upmost kindness and understanding.

I now have a new dog Ruby from the Dogs Trust. She was recently neutered and although they may not be the cheapest vets I would not consider going anywhere else.”

“Our dog, Pippa is 8 years old and has spent a lot of time at Thameswood Vets. They are such caring vets and always explain things carefully to us. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. All the staff are supportive and friendly. Pippa is an important part of our family.”

Our Services

  • Surgery and Anaesthesia – Minor surgery such and neuerting, dentals, ear cleans and lump removals and are carried out at both Swindon vet clinics, pets needing major surgery and procedures such as x-rays, ultrasounds and endoscopies are transfered to our main clinic on Purton road vet in Swindon.
  • Routine Treatments – Taking positive steps right from the start will help to prevent disease and other problems arising in your pet. Preventative healthcare is something every pet owner should be providing for this treasured member of the family.
  • Nurse Clinics – Our team of vet nurses in Swindon are carefully chosen for their high level of compassion, care and professionalism to maintain the high level of nursing care particular to Thameswood Veterinary Clinics, with some of our senior nurses having over ten years experience.
  • Dentistry – Dental disease is something that all pets are at risk of and 80% of pets will, in later life, develop it. The good news is it is preventable through diet, chews, food and water additives and best of all good old fashioned toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Older Pets – Our free 7+ drop-in centres are run Tuesdays & Thursdays between 3pm-4pm (no appointment necessary) and involve seeing one of our specially trained senior vet nurses to discuss ANY concerns or worries you may have about either your existing older pet or what to expect in the future if your pet is still a spritely 7+. Visit our Swindon vet clinics to find out more.